Be Kind to Yourself

Pause and Remind Yourself

Woman1 Pause and Remind Yourself


Pause any time you notice harsh criticism or judgment of yourself going on between your ears. Take a deep breath.  Remind yourself that no one deserves to be treated that way, least of all you, and certainly not by yourself.

Easy Does It. One Thing at a Time.

Beach Picture Easy Does It.  One Thing at a Time.Recently I was annoyed with myself for not accomplishing enough. I was beating myself up for how slowly my new initiatives were moving along.  I turned to my Inner Wisdom for help and guidance, with the goal of learning how to work faster and accomplish more.


Recognize the Value of Being

MP900309568 150x114 Recognize the Value of BeingFeel the value of being present in the moment. There’s a real danger of getting into that “do, do, do” mentality and feeling impatient with yourself if you’re not doing.

Recognize the value of being.  From time to time allow yourself to just be.

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