Do what gives you joy

Let Joy Be Your North Star

Bright Star Let Joy Be Your North StarThroughout the ages travelers by land and sailors by sea have used the North Star to find their way.  You have a North Star of your own.  Your North Star is joy.

When you go toward joy, you can be confident that you are headed in the right direction.  Joy leads you to what you love, what gives you deep satisfaction, what’s aligned with your soul’s purpose.

What Nourishes You

Exercise What Nourishes You



No matter how worthy your goal, it’s never wise to drive yourself so hard that you no longer  nourish your Self.  It is as important to focus on what nourishes you as it is to focus
on your goal.

A Worthy Goal

Dessert Photo A Worthy Goal


Even a worthy goal can become a problem, if along the way you fail to support yourself.   If achieving that goal becomes the only thing you are focused on, you can get out of touch with your needs.


friends Reconnect
You nourish yourself when you reconnect with people who know you and know how to support you.  Don’t worry about how long it’s been.  If there’s someone you’d like to talk with, give them a call or send them a text.  You could even do it the old fashioned way and send them a card telling them what they mean to you.  Now, that would be novel!

The Path

Path The Path
When the path you take is based on inner guidance, it is experienced by you and perceived by others as right path.  This is one way that you express and manifest the inner beauty of your life and who you are.



Allow Yourself to Flow

Water flowing 2 Allow Yourself to Flow
When you allow yourself to flow in a natural way, you are coming back to your essential nature, rather than what you think you need to do.  This feels like homecoming but you can think of it as “OM coming”

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

I have always loved giving Inner Wisdom workshops.  I’ve been doing them for years.  Magical things happen when people come together in a circle. Sharing with one another on the level of Spirit nourishes us all.

The work goes deep in the supportive and loving container created by the group.

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