Inner Wisdom

Trusting the Process is a Gift of Faith

‘Qatana, I STRONGLY suggest you listen to this.  I really want to talk with you about it…and perhaps partner to hold each other accountable.’

This email from my dear friend, Joan, is waiting for me upon my return from a four day retreat.  I love Joan, I respect her judgment about what’s worth listening to and I want to support her.  So I listen.

Rigidity or Flexibility: Which Will You Choose?

I’m in a hurry when I enter the flower shop.  I expect to find just the plants I’m looking for, pay for them quickly and get out.  Flowers from the garden won’t kick in until March when the first of the daffodils begin to bloom.  Between now and those first daffodils I must depend on the florist to decorate my home with flowers – and I love decorating my home with flowers.

Love What You Hate

We’re on one of our familiar walks along the river, when my husband, Jim, mentions, “I’m thinking of signing up for the Pilates Comprehensive Training.” The comment seems casual, almost off-hand.

The sun shines through the golden leaves and glints off the water. The squawk of a blue heron breaks through the warm air of Indian summer. Our black dog, Zoe, dashes off after a squirrel.

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday.  At its heart, this day is about giving thanks for our blessings.  While experiencing and SCP_Qatana_077-headshot-WEBexpressing gratitude is part of my daily practice, this day is set aside especially for that.


Dear Gifts of Inner Wisdom Follower

You may have noticed a lull in the regular flow of the Gifts of Inner Wisdom Blog.  There are times when inspiration for these blogs flows freely and other times when stillness reigns.

What Gives You Joy?

The joy I felt in the Inner Wisdom Circle yesterday evening reminded me so powerfully of what it’s all about.  For me it’s about people connected in spirit, openly sharing what’s in their heart, discovering commonality, experiencing beautiful journeys and creating benefit for others through the sharing of their journeys, supporting one another – YES!  This is what I’ve dreamed of.  This is what I love.