Be Back Soon

Dear Blog Followers,
You may have noticed that the Gifts of Inner Wisdom Blog has not been showing up in you inbox over the past couple of weeks.

I have gone deep into my own process and changes are happening.

Of course, what I offer will still be all about your Inner Wisdom.  The focus, however, may be different.  It’s in the process of emerging.

In the meantime, I am going to hold off on sending blogs out to you.

Once the new direction has become clearer, the Gifts of Inner Wisdom blog will return – or it won’t.

I express to you my delight in your interest in the gifts of Inner Wisdom, my gratitude for your interest in the Gifts of Inner Wisdom and I wish you well.


The New

Think of what you need to let go of – old things, old thoughts, old ways
of doing things that no longer serve you. When you let go of things,
you make space for the new.

How Best to Use Your Time on Earth

I went to visit my mother at the assisted living home where she has moved with her gentleman friend.  It saddened my deeply to see my mother, whom I remember as vivacious and engaged, sitting quietly withdrawn while the rest of us conversed.  Her hearing is going and so is her mind.  So sad.

Don’t ruin the present by tormenting yourself with thoughts about the past.
No matter what the issue is – things you wished you’d done differently or something outrageous that someone else did to you – it only has as much importance as you put on it.