You Always Have A Choice

You Always Have a Choice

Recently I’ve been feeling the pressure of having too many projects and not enough time.  The deadlines I create for myself – coupled with my virtual assistant’s vacation plans – ratchet up the stress and anxiety.  Sometimes it’s hard to just take a deep breath, and calm myself by focusing on the beauty that’s around me.

Just an Illusion

When you go into that place of helplessness, remember that helplessness is an illusion. All of your learning and all of the tools you have amassed, all of your strengths and inner resources are always, always available!  At those moments ask within, “What do I need to know right now to move out of this helpless state?”  Then listen carefully.  Your Divine Nature knows.

The Ego

The first priority of ego is always, always to keep you safe. It is not about joy or self-expression.

As long as your focus is on protecting yourself, your truth will not get out. It won’t get past the guards.  As long as you are more invested in protecting yourself than in letting your soul sing you won’t allow yourself to express your Self.

Be Open and Curious

Develop curiosity and openness to all things as they unfold rather than expectations of how things are going to be or should be.

It’s like going down a river… you expect certain things around the bend and that may be how it is, but it may be something quite different. Flat? There may be ripples. Woods? There may be houses. Sunshine?  There could be a shower.