Couples Therapy

I can help both of you get more of what you want, need and deserve.

Transform Destructive Relationship Patterns

When you’re stuck in destructive relationship patterns it can be hard to find your way out.  Couples get trapped in vicious cycles. One person does something that annoys the other, leading to a negative response. If the ill will created leads to further negativity, a vicious circle can develop which makes it increasingly unlikely that either person will get what they want, need and deserve from the relationship.

Most of us try to get those around us to change to make us happy. Of course, the only person you can control is yourself. The key to transforming destructive relationship patterns is learning what you can do differently to get more of what you want from your partner.

Through couples counseling you learn how to transform your vicious circles into virtuous circles by changing your behavior. When you act in a more positive way, you increase the good will in the relationship, making it more likely that the other person will give you what you want, need and deserve.

As positive interactions increase, feelings and attitudes improve as well, helping to accelerate positive relationship transformation. As you learn to change your behavior, you, your partner and your relationship all benefit