Discovering the Meaning of True Abundance

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What if your Guides tell you something you don’t want to hear?

Turn to your Inner Wisdom for guidance and support.  You can trust whatever you receive to be aligned with your highest good.  Follow it and your life will go well.

These words are the foundation of my life and my work.  Imagine my shock and chagrin, when the gifts of Inner Wisdom I received recently flew right in the face of everything I know about how to make a living!

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Curious about direction for the approaching New Year, I ask my Inner Wisdom for guidance for my business and for my life moving forward.  My Guides show me that at this time in my life, my mission is to discover the meaning of true abundance.

This feels right to me.  I can see how it’s an extension of what I’ve been learning over the past few years:  Doing what gives me joy holds every bit as much importance and value as doing what earns me money. 

But the steps my Guides give me for putting this into practice?  Their suggestions throw me into confusion – and rebellion!


You Want Me To Do What?!?!?!

My Guides could not be clearer.  To discover the meaning of true abundance, I must institute a new pricing policy.  From now on, I need to invite my clients to experience the gifts that I offer.  Whether it’s an initial session, a workshop or a product I’ve developed, I give every client the opportunity to taste the benefits for themselves.

Then I’m to ask two questions:  “What is the value of this for you?” and “How much can you comfortably afford?”

Then – recognizing that my clients know their financial situation and I do not, and trusting that they engage with me in good faith – I must honor whatever they offer.

My objections to this plan swarm out like wasps from a nest you just whacked with a stick: “People will find this entirely weird and won’t know how to deal with it!” “People will take advantage of me and pay less than I deserve!” And – the bottom line – “Everyone’s going to freak out! No one’s going to want to work with me!!!”


Beyond “You’ve got to be kidding!!!”

In response to my protests, my Guides paint a broader perspective to help me see the learning that’s waiting for me beyond my initial shock.

First, they remind me that my focus needs to be on the value I am providing.

I know that value.  I know the joy of sharing the beauty and power of the work that I do with people who benefit from it.  I know sweet satisfaction when clients discover unsuspected strengths. I know deep gratification as clients create more peace, joy and love in their lives.

My Guides make clear the sheer joy of the gift of my work – no price tag attached – and the blessing of providing benefit for others.  They show me the pleasure I receive as loving witness to the deeply moving work that unfolds before me.

I recognize all this as true abundance.  I feel myself opening, expanding as the painful, constricting fear of scarcity dissolves into this joyous awareness.

Now I feel the warmth of receiving whatever my client offers me, not because I’ve demanded it as a condition for working with me, but as a direct and honest expression of their appreciation for the value they’ve received.

This approach feels more honest and open-hearted than the system of buy and sell we’re all familiar with, the model that’s dominated our culture for centuries, the only one we’ve known.

As to my fear of appearing weird, my Guides remind me of the precious gift they gave me many years ago.  Back then, they shared with me the vital importance of standing in your truth, free of attachment.  I smile, as they point out that letting people know about this crazy way of doing things is just that.  I feel a bit naked, but I acknowledge the essential value of taking a stand aligned with my Truth.

On top of all this, deep in my heart I know that if I’m asking my clients to follow their own Inner Wisdom even when it’s uncomfortable to do so, I’d better walk the talk.  Despite all my initial fears and misgivings, in the end I know I will embrace the plan my Guides have given me and put it into practice.

So, how’s it going?

I put my new plan for discovering the meaning of true abundance into effect immediately.  How has it turned out?

Well, it’s been an interesting experiment.

Some of my clients have actually begun paying more than the price I once charged, affirming how much they value the work we do together.

Some clients pay less than I would ever have imagined accepting.

Occasionally people who seem able to afford more than they are offering, pay me less than I feel I deserve.  When I get bent out of shape over this, my Guides whisper in my ear, “This is not about the value of your work.  It’s not about how much she appreciates – or fails to appreciate – what you do.  It’s about how little she dares (or feels she deserves) to spend on herself.”   Then compassion arises in my heart and I open to gratitude for the opportunity to serve someone new.

When protest welled up within over the very small payment one new client offered, my Guides reminded me of her limited resources and how much I enjoy working with her and my discomfort melted away.

Then, too, I’ve been working with people who would never have been able to afford me under the old system.  Some of these people do thrilling work, which provides great blessing for me.  And, while the money I receive from them may be less than I once earned, it still helps pay the bills.

Surely this is true abundance.

So, what does this have to do with you?

From you to you: 

Where could you be standing in your truth, free of attachment?

Think of those places in your life that feel right to take a stand, but you hesitate for fear of appearing foolish, or someone’s negative reaction, or anything else that holds you back.  Select one you’re willing to do and take the leap.

Then notice the consequences, both positive and negative.  Be aware of the benefits.  Some you may not even have anticipated.  Be aware of the costs.  You’re probably much better able to handle these than you’d imagined.

Taking a stand on one small thing empowers you to take a stand on others that may seem more challenging!

From me to you:

Early next year I will be introducing new programs and products that will help you to connect with your own Inner Wisdom and discover the Gifts that await you.

I want you to know that you’ll have the opportunity to experience their value for yourself.  Then I will gratefully welcome whatever you offer to acknowledge the benefit you’ve received!

I wish you every blessing of this holiday season.  I can’t wait to share my new programs with you in the New Year!!!


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