Enjoy the Process, and Worry Less about the Goal

One Guide who comes to me from time to time is the Salmon of Wisdom.  Salmon was speaking with me recently about the importance of acting, but with an emphasis of enjoying the process rather than focusing too much on the goal.  I share Salmon’s words with you in the hope you will find them helpful.


“There are fishermen on the bank and they want to catch a fish. If they don’t put a fly or worm on a hook and send it out there, they will never catch a fish.  Most of their casts, though, don’t catch anything. If they did, we fish would be in trouble!’

“One reason people go fishing is that they enjoy the activity of standing in the stream. The quality of light and the water running by all make for a tranquil and beautiful experience. Very satisfying.’

“So, if catching a fish were what it was all about, these fishermen could get frustrated and upset when they don’t catch any fish. Or they could enjoy the experience.’

“If a fish gets caught, the fisherman might not even feel all that good about pulling the hook out…”


When you focus on enjoying the process rather than on achieving your goal, no matter what happens you will at least experience some enjoyment.  If your satisfaction depends on achieving the goal you set, you run the risk of no enjoyment.

Think of times in your life when you achieved a goal, only to find that it was less gratifying than you’d imagined it would be, or even created unanticipated problems for you.  When all that matters is the goal, you set yourself up for disappointment if achieving your goal does not live up to your expectations.



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