How Best to Use Your Time on Earth

30332566 150x150 How Best to Use Your Time on EarthI went to visit my mother at the assisted living home where she has moved with her gentleman friend.  It saddened my deeply to see my mother, whom I remember as vivacious and engaged, sitting quietly withdrawn while the rest of us conversed.  Her hearing is going and so is her mind.  So sad.

Recognize the Value of Being

MP900309568 150x114 Recognize the Value of BeingFeel the value of being present in the moment. There’s a real danger of getting into that “do, do, do” mentality and feeling impatient with yourself if you’re not doing.

Recognize the value of being.  From time to time allow yourself to just be.


MP900407475 107x150 Changes

True change takes time. In this world of quick results and impatience to
get to where you want to go, the essence can get lost.  Give yourself space and time for the process to unfold.  Be patient with yourself and the time that it takes to achieve your goals.

“What does disappointment really mean?”

When you experience disappointment, ask yourself, “What does disappointmenMP900402316 128x150 What does disappointment really mean?t
really mean?”  You had expectations and things didn’t turn out the way you expected. How bad is that, really?

What can you do when you experience disappointment? You can struggle. You can give up.  You can blame yourself or others.  Or you can accept and learn.

The Ones We Love

Heart3 150x150 The Ones We LoveWe can’t keep the ones we love from suffering, but we can offer compassion and love. When you notice that someone you love is suffering, let this person know that you love them very much and you wish them well.  You can offer suggestions for things they might do that you think could help, but putting pressure on them to do these things only increases suffering – theirs as well as yours.

Personal transformation

Fall1 150x150 Personal transformation
Transforming the beliefs, attitudes and habits that keep you stuck where you are – may be necessary before you can move to the next higher level.
It’s not realistic to focus on the goal without focusing on the necessary personal transformation.

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