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Staying on Track

When you’re on track it’s easy. You feel joy.  You notice the benefit. It’s smooth going. When you get a little off track – and we all get off track from time to time – all it
takes a small adjustment to get yourself back on track. The further you go from
being on track, the more difficult it is to get back on and the more anxious,
upset and unwell you feel.

You could spend the rest of your life gnashing your teeth and being miserable about whatever is bothering you OR you can say, “Just so,” and move on.  By all means learn from the past, but don’t dwell in it.

Don’t ruin the present by tormenting yourself with thoughts about the past.
No matter what the issue is – things you wished you’d done differently or something outrageous that someone else did to you – it only has as much importance as you put on it.

Stand in your truth, free of attachment.  Free of attachment means you are not attached to whether people respond negatively or positively. Once you know that there is love within you – that you are love – you free yourself to do this.

Be true to who you are, which is love and joy. Whenever you are off from that, it
is bad choice and when you are true to that, it is good choice.

When you stop judging others you feel safer.  When you judge others, it’s easy to assume that others are judging you.  This can create fear about what others may be thinking about you, which leads to self-consciousness and avoiding risks.  Let go of judgment.


Honor Your Gifts

hands earthHonor what you have done with your life. Honor what was given to you and what you have done with it. It is so easy to take our gifts for granted.

Step into your greatness. You have gathered so much wisdom and knowledge in your life. You have developed skills and abilities that make you uniquely who you are.

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