Two Ways To Do

For decades in my own inner journeys and in guiding the journeys of others, the foundation for the work has been ‘Trust the Process.’  In these journeys I have always found it deeply reassuring to know that I can completely trust Inner Wisdom – mine and my clients’ – to know exactly what needs to happen.  What a relief to learn that there is a resource within greater and wiser than the one who has been running the show!  All I need to do is remain open and allow the process to flow.

Be Back Soon

Dear Blog Followers,
You may have noticed that the Gifts of Inner Wisdom Blog has not been showing up in you inbox over the past couple of weeks.

I have gone deep into my own process and changes are happening.

Of course, what I offer will still be all about your Inner Wisdom.  The focus, however, may be different.  It’s in the process of emerging.

In the meantime, I am going to hold off on sending blogs out to you.

Once the new direction has become clearer, the Gifts of Inner Wisdom blog will return – or it won’t.

I express to you my delight in your interest in the gifts of Inner Wisdom, my gratitude for your interest in the Gifts of Inner Wisdom and I wish you well.


You Don’t Have to Be Special – What a Relief!!

There are many ways to be special.  We can be smarter than anyone else, or stronger or more beautiful.  I saw a TV show the other night that featured a man named Bob who could eat a Philly cheese steak faster than anyone in history.  You should have seen him shove that thing down!  You could tell just by looking at Bob how proud he was of his achievement.

Misery or Joy?

We have all experienced pain in our lives.  Life in a body on Earth among other human beings who are not always kind necessarily entails suffering.  Our relationship with the pain life brings us determines whether our lives are filled with misery or with joy.

Tales for Our Times-What Skeleton Taught Me about Death and Love, Heaven and Hell

Gifts of Intuition are messages from our Divine Nature.  These messages are most eloquently expressed through images.  As we interact with these images, we discover the wisdom our Higher Consciousness.

In Tales for Our Times I offer you narratives drawn from my imagery work and the work of my clients in the hope that you will find the universal wisdom in these Tales both inspiring and beneficial.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is the central reality of Divine Nature.  Our Divine Nature contains within it all the unconditional love we could ever need for us to create a life of joy.  Our conditioning may make it difficult to access, but our ability to experience and to give unconditional love can always be found within, there in our Divine Nature.