Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is the central reality of Divine Nature. Our Divine Nature contains within it all the unconditional love we could ever need for us to create a life of joy. Our conditioning may make it difficult to access, but our ability to experience and to give unconditional love can always be found within, there in our Divine Nature.

Let Joy Be Your North Star

Throughout the ages travelers by land and sailors by sea have used the North Star to find their way.  You have a North Star of your own.  Your North Star is joy.

When you go toward joy, you can be confident that you are headed in the right direction.  Joy leads you to what you love, what gives you deep satisfaction, what’s aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Order Up Your Daily Wisdom

One of the great things about your Divine Nature is that it’s always there, whenever you need it, ready to help you.  Like any trusted friend, the more you turn to it, the deeper and easier the connection becomes.  Checking in regularly opens up the channels of communication between you and your inner wisdom.  The support flows freely and you receive guidance you can use on a daily basis.


Whatever you put your attention on expands in your experience.  When you focus on grievances, shortcomings or pain, those qualities become more prevalent in your awareness.  When you focus, instead, on beauty, love, laughter, the things you’re grateful for, these pleasures expand in your life.