Honor the Energy of Winter

Think of the energy of the North in Wintertime.  The air is cold. The ground is frozen.  People huddle in the warmth of home, conserving energy.  Outdoors, the ground is covered in snow.  Great stillness reigns.  There is no apparent growth – it’s not time yet.  It’s all happening underground, gestating, waiting for the light and warmth of Spring before new life will burst forth.

It’s easy to ignore the quiet gifts of Winter energy.  Central heating hides the cold. If you live in a southern climate you don’t even experience the cold silence of Winter, or the beauty of bare limbs silhouetted against the sky.  In our action focused culture, there’s no value placed on stillness.

Honor the value of sitting still. This is difficult in our culture, focused as we are on doing. If you run off willy-nilly, doing without the adequate gestation, your efforts may well come to naught. Moving forward too soon can lead to a premature birth. Without adequate gestation, that one is not able to survive and thrive – like pulling a butterfly from a chrysalis before its time.

When you expect instant results, it’s easy to get impatient when they don’t materialize. Even worse, you may feel like you’ve failed.  When it feels like nothing’s happening, be patient with yourself and the situation.

This may be a gestation time for you.  There may be information you need to gather.  You may need time to get better at what you do and develop confidence along the way.  The people you need to meet may not yet have come into your life.  Perhaps the time just needs to be right for the preparation you’ve made during the quiet of Wintertime to spring forth into the success you dream of.

Learn to be patient with that quiet time with no apparent results, when things are forming out of sight, under the surface. Honor the energy of Winter.

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