How Deep Is the Water You’re Drowning In?

I was feeling overwhelmed recently by all the tasks on my ‘to do’ list.  I call it my tottering tower of ‘to do’.

Confused by the many options swirling around in my head, I couldn’t start anything.  The longer I remained paralyzed, the more powerless I felt.

I took a few deep breaths, calmed myself and sought guidance from my Inner Knowing.  I am sharing with you what I received.  I hope that you’ll find it helpful any time you feel overwhelmed by swirling thoughts or feelings.

My Inner Wisdom reminds me of a journey I guided some time ago.  My client found herself struggling in rough water.  Arms thrashing, choking on water, rapidly tiring from all of her exertion, she felt terrified that she might drown.

Her Guides told her to stand up.  She did so and was astonished to find that the water came up only to the middle of her calves!

My Inner Wisdom tells me that my situation is the same as that client’s. When I allow myself to become overwhelmed by too much to do or by thoughts or feelings swirling around in my mind, I need to put both feet firmly beneath me, stand up and get fresh perspective.  My Inner Knowing assures me that whatever I’m dealing with will never
be as unmanageable as it seems.

3 things to do when you feel overwhelmed

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by all you have to do, or dragged down by negative thinking or stalled out by confusion, here are three ways to get your feet firmly on the ground, so you can gain fresh perspective and get moving.

1.  Get moving –literally!

Get up from your desk and do some stretches.  Leave your office and take a walk around the hall. Even better, walk around outside for a few minutes.

Moving is a form of meditation.  Just moving around gets your energy flowing in a more aligned way.  This combats agitation and provides greater calm.

As you move your body, fresh perspective will emerge, providing clarity on how to get going with the tasks you need to accomplish.

2.  Make a list

If the things you need to accomplish are swirling around in your head, they can appear more numerous – and overwhelming – than they really are.  The same items come
around again and again, each time appearing like yet more things to do.

When you actually put things down in black and white, the swirling stops. Then you
can assess what needs to happen first and get going with it.

3. Just do something

Most of the time, it doesn’t really matter what you do. Just the act of doing something – anything – on your list focuses your energy.  Action empowers you and blasts the
feelings of helplessness to smithereens.

Next time you feel like you’re drowning in too much to do, or the swirling flood of your thoughts keeps you from moving forward, put both feet on the ground and stand up.
Once you take stock and take action, you’ll find that you’re better able to handle the situation than you imagined.

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