The End of a Relationship or a New Beginning?

The discovery of unfaithfulness in a relationship precipitates a crisis which can lead to the end of the relationship – or a new beginning. It all depends on how the situation is handled.

Couples can emerge from the crisis of infidelity with new faith in their relationship and a strengthened commitment to each other if:

  • The person who has transgressed expresses sincere remorse
  • The transgressor acts consistently in a trustworthy manner
  • The person who has discovered the affair is ultimately willing to forgive and move on
  • The person who had the affair is willing to patiently support their partner as long as necessary for them to work through the normal feelings of hurt, anger, jealousy and betrayal
  • Both partners are willing to take an honest look at the relationship, identify problem areas that led to the infidelity and work diligently to address these problems.

Both people feel reassured that infidelity will never again occur because, through our work together, they create a relationship that is more mutually respectful and satisfying than it has ever been before.

Working your way through this challenging and difficult process is easier with the help of a guide who knows the territory. I have guided scores of couples along the difficult path from the crisis of infidelity to a transformed relationship and strengthened commitment.