Interactive Imagery

A Pathway for Learning, Healing and Growth

Interactive Imagery is a process of guided imagery that enables you to access your inner wisdom, strength and truth and to establish an ongoing relationship with them.  In a state of deep relaxation, you invite the image of a Guide to emerge.  Your Guide could be an animal or a person, such as a wise old woman, or a religious figure.  Your Guide could be a thing, such as an ancient oak tree, or a glowing light.  Whatever form it takes, your Guide will become a trusted counsellor, dedicated to helping you create the life you want.

Imagery comes from deep levels of consciousness, bringing with it unerring awareness of just what you need to know for your learning and growth.  You connect with this information by developing a relationship with your Guide. This interaction between you and your Inner Wisdom is at the center of Interactive Imagery.

One client, Don, wanted to create his own business but was entirely stuck. He encountered a Horse, confined in a paddock and longing to run free.  The Horse invited Don to free him so they could ride together.  Initially hesitant, Don eventually opened the gate and climbed on the Horse’s back.  He started out walking slowly, but as he became more accustomed to and comfortable with the Horse’s power, they ran faster and faster, until Don felt the exhilaration of galloping freely across the plain.

Following this session, Don located the office space he needed and began making the necessary contacts to get his business going.  Three years later, his business is still growing.  He reports that he drives past a horse in a pasture every day on his way to work.  Every time he sees that horse, Don encourages himself to let his power run free.

Awareness that comes from within has the power to transform

Often the insight you receive in imagery is no different from what friends or relatives have told you or what I, as a therapist or coach, might say.  The crucial difference is that this awareness comes from within.   When your learning arises from behind your defences, it carries the power of personal truth.   You effortlessly integrate whatever you need to know for your learning, healing and growth.  You become empowered to create positive transformation in your life.

Everything you have ever experienced is stored in your unconscious.  This familiarity with everything that has ever occurred in your life informs the work.  You can trust that your Guide will provide precisely what you need to know to deal with whatever issue you are facing in the moment.

Your Guide knows what thoughts or feelings have been blocking you.  It knows where these blocking beliefs come from and just what’s needed to resolve and release these internal blocks, so you can succeed.

Your Guide is especially skilful at bringing you back to those crucial moments in your early development when you experienced trauma, leading to feelings, beliefs or attitudes that keep you from functioning effectively in the present.   In imagery you experience these events with astonishing clarity and immediacy.  Once present in these scenes, your Guide knows exactly what is needed to transform your blocking beliefs.

A client, Alison, had a Duck who took her back to an incident in her childhood when her mother was verbally abusing her. The Duck took one look at the mother, declared, “This is ridiculous!” and took the girl outside to play.  Though Alison had addressed this incident repeatedly in prior therapy, for the first time in her life, she was able to perceive her mother’s abuse with the detachment that enabled her to question and challenge it. Ultimately, by releasing the negative impact her mother’s abuse had created, Alison finally began to feel good about herself.

Everything you need to transform your life can be found within

By using Interactive Imagery, you become the author of your own learning, healing and growth.  You enhance your self-esteem and sense of personal power and effectiveness when you come to appreciate the vast wisdom and knowing you hold within.

In the twenty-five years I have been working with Interactive Imagery, I have been consistently awed by the power, beauty and elegance of the work.  In the deepest of ways, each of us knows intuitively how we need to grow.  With remarkable wisdom, insight, and compassion your Guide is available to facilitate that growth, helping you to live to your highest potential and cultivate true joy and well-being.