Many Treasures Are Yours

Recently I’ve enrolled in a couple of programs to help me expand my business and welcome more abundance into my life.  Through these I’ve discovered some blocking beliefs around money.

One of these is that money is bad.  We’ve all heard the expression, “Money is the root of all evil.”  Part of me felt that it’s wrong to want more money.

I decided it would be a good idea to check in with my Inner Wisdom to learn more about abundance and let go of my blocking beliefs around money.  I share the wisdom I received with you in the hope that it will help you manifest greater abundance in your own life.


Immediately, the image of a jolly, plump King appears.  He has a crown on his head and a full beard.  He’s wearing royal robes and standing underneath an arbor covered with grape vines.  Luscious bunches of fat, purple grapes hang down from the vines, and there’s an open treasure chest at his feet, overflowing with gold and jewels.  This image radiates a sense of light-hearted cheer and abundance.

I instantly feel at ease, even joyful, in the presence of this King.  I ask him what he wants me to learn about abundance.

The King tells me, “I’m plump, this treasure chest is brimming over and the grapes are so rich and juicy to help you recognize that great abundance is all around and it’s available to you. You just need to open up to the abundant flow of energy.”

His words give me an expansive sense of spaciousness and possibility.

He continues, “Many treasures are yours. Energy is treasure.”

The King shows me that when I enjoy good health, that is a treasure, because I have abundant energy.  The excitement of discovering new knowledge is treasure, and I agree that I’m energized any time I learn something new.  The King assures me that money, too, is energy, which is why it is a treasure.

“Your job is to recognize that energy is treasure,” he explains. “Money is neither better nor less important than any other kind of energy.”

“When you eat a great meal or drink great wine,” he continues, “that is the energy of the sun that went into growing the grapes. It’s the energy of the earth that produced the ingredients for that meal. It’s the work of the people that went into growing those things, and the people who picked the fruits and the energy of preparing the meal—it is all energy.”

“The work you put out is all energy, too” he tells me.  “The energy that comes from everything you have ever done – all of your training, all of your experience – adds value to what you offer.  It’s all part of energy flow.”

He shows me the energy of the work that I do and the gifts that I give flowing out into the world. He helps me see how that flow brings energy back to me, sometimes in the form of money, other times in the form of love or gratitude.  It is all part of the energy flow of the universe.

The more work that I do, the more people I touch, the more abundantly the energy flows from me and back to me.  It becomes clear to me that money is simply a part of this universal energy flow, neither better nor worse than any other form of energy.

I feel the value of the energy that I give out to the world in the form of the services I provide.  I feel open to freely welcome the flow of money back to me as a natural part of this cycle.

The King is pleased as I express my deep appreciation for the insights he has shared with me and for the shift in energy and attitude that they have created.  I feel such gratitude for the blessing of this work.


Spend time each day noticing the energy of abundance that flows through your life.

Appreciate all that you offer the world.  Notice the gifts you bring to your work, gifts that come both from your innate divine nature and from the preparation you have put into becoming the person you are today.  Consider the benefits your customers, clients, and colleagues receive. Welcome the energy that flows back to you whether in the form of money or the satisfaction and appreciation of those you serve.

Honor the value of the love and caring, the gifts of service you offer your friends and family.  Be aware of the appreciation that comes to you from those you have touched.  Be open to the love that returns to you from those you care for.

Be grateful for the energy that flows so abundantly to you and through you and from you in the divine dance of life.

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