Misery or Joy?

We have all experienced pain in our lives.  Life in a body on Earth among other human beings who are not always kind necessarily entails suffering.  Our relationship with the pain life brings us determines whether our lives are filled with misery or with joy.

I met a man last week who moved me deeply.  He had the emaciated look of a person struggling with a life threatening illness.  Indeed, I was told that he had spent six months in a cancer treatment center battling some form of blood cancer.  That was two years ago.  He looked horrible.

And then I was introduced to him and spoke with him and was absolutely enchanted by his humor, his kindness and the exquisite light and love that shone from his eyes.  There was not on shred of self-pity or despair in Paul.  I felt blessed just being in his presence.

Speaking with Paul, I recognized why it is that we walk this path of spiritual growth – to be able to face life’s suffering with beauty and grace.  How magnificent is that!?!  How empowered is that?!?

Seeing someone like Paul deal with such a terrifying situation with such equanimity gives me the hope that maybe I can manage the challenges in my own life with greater ease than I’d imagined possible.

This is really what the Path of Joy is all about – to be able to remain in a state of love and light, beauty and joy, regardless of the suffering that comes our way.

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“The more we open to the unconditional love that is always there waiting for us, the more joy and equilibrium we experience in our days here on Earth.”


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