Open the Shutters and Doors and Let Abundance Stream In

For many years I took abundance for granted.  My psychology practice was based on the conviction that if you do excellent work, you will succeed. I worked hard at being the very best therapist possible. Success – and abundance – always came naturally.

When I branched out into coaching I spent a lot of money on trainings, paying experts to teach me how to build my coaching business.  The rules seemed to change.   The focus shifted from providing quality service to building a business – creating a big list, developing programs and information products to simultaneously serve as many people as possible, saving individualized attention for those willing to pay megabucks. The things they taught me never felt right.

Yet seeing the high six figure incomes these experts were touting introduced the feeling of scarcity.  Interestingly, as I began to feel like I wasn’t earning enough, my client load – and my income – began to shrink.

I checked in with my Divine Nature for guidance on once again creating abundance.  I am sharing what I received in the hope that you will find it helpful, as well.


First of all, you must recognize that you do not create abundance.

Abundance is.  It is all around you.  You are swimming in abundance.  You breathe abundance.  You are surrounded with it.

The question is whether you let it in or not.  You know people who are so focused on the negativity between their ears that they cannot experience the abundance that is right there.  Do not be one of them!

The abundance is always there.  It is a constant.  The thing that changes from person to person and in one person over time is the willingness and ability to perceive and receive that abundance.

It’s like sunshine on a lovely day.  If you live in a house where the windows are shuttered and the doors are closed tight, your experience will be of total darkness and still, stale air.

If you open the windows and doors and let the beautiful sunshine in and invite the fresh breeze to blow through, you will delight in the light and spaciousness.

What closes the windows and doors are negative certainties – “I don’t deserve this.”  “Other people have those things but it could never happen to me.”  “I am not worthy enough or capable enough or smart enough or pretty enough or anything else enough.”  These are thoughts that you put in your own way.

Become extremely vigilant about negative or desperate thinking.  When you notice it popping up, gently, patiently and lovingly correct it.

Turn it around by deeply believing that you do deserve to enjoy abundance and the benefits it brings. Affirm the value of what you offer and who you are.  Believe in yourself. If that feels difficult, believe in your Self.

A gratitude practice helps enormously by shifting your focus to the many gifts you have. This makes you more expansive.

You are loved.  You are supported.  We are always here to help.


What you can do

1.  Start – and maintain – a gratitude practice.

At least once a day sit down and name at least one thing that you are grateful for.  Just before you go to bed is a great time for this.  So is first thing in the morning.  So is any time during the day, as long as you do it.

If all you come up with is, “My pancreas did a great job of producing insulin today,” or “It wasn’t as hot today as it was yesterday,” that’s fine.  Get in the habit of focusing on the many things that are actually working in your life, rather than your disappointments.

2.  Become super vigilant about your negative self talk and correct it.

Any time you notice yourself comparing yourself to others, or telling yourself that you don’t deserve or aren’t good enough for anything you might want, gently, patiently and lovingly correct yourself.  Take a deep breath and challenge the truth of this negative self talk.  Don’t stand for it!  You don’t deserve to be treated that way, especially not by yourself!

3.  Affirm that you deserve abundance and well being

Focus on your strengths.  Honor the gifts you offer and recognize their value.  Share these gifts and trust that they will bring you all the abundance you so richly deserve.



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