Order Up Your Daily Wisdom

One of the great things about your Divine Nature is that it’s always there, whenever you need it, ready to help you.  Like any trusted friend, the more you turn to it, the deeper and easier the connection becomes.  Checking in regularly opens up the channels of communication between you and your inner wisdom.  The support flows freely and you receive guidance you can use on a daily basis.

I’ve recently begun a daily practice of checking in with Divine Nature that I find extremely helpful.  Regular check ins bring the Divine into the practical.  Whatever I need help with, from writing my blogs to how to handle a disagreement with my son, I receive practical guidance. When I apply what I receive, things go smoothly.  I feel so supported.

The practice is simple.  It’s a bit like putting your breakfast order in to room service the night before.  When you wake up in the morning, what you asked for is delivered, hot and steaming, prepared just for you.  Only the delights offered up by your Divine Nature are not as predictable as a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon!

This daily practice takes advantage of the fact that while you’re asleep your conscious mind is resting.  During this time you’re more open and receptive to your Divine Wisdom. You’re not distracted by the events of your day. This is the ideal time to open up a clear channel of communication between you and your Divine Nature.

Then in the morning you can use that liminal time between sleeping and waking, that time before your thinking mind has taken over and starts running the show, to openly receive whatever your Divine Nature has cooked up while you were asleep.

Here’s how it works.


Keep a notebook or laptop beside your bed.  Right before you go to sleep, write down a question you’d like help with from your Divine Nature. Your Divine Nature provides maximum benefit when it knows just what you would find most helpful.

This could be a request for guidance:  “What’s my next step in implementing the reorganization in my department?”   You might ask for clarity on an action you are considering:  “Should I invest in that coaching program I’m thinking about?”   You can seek fresh perspective:  “What am I not seeing in my conflict with Jennifer that would help me deal better with this situation?”

Then, simply relax yourself to sleep, confident that during the night your Divine Nature will come up with precisely what you need.  You may not know what will show up, but you can trust it will be helpful.

Then in the morning all you need to do is receive the gifts of intuition your Divine Nature has cooked up.  Make sure you set aside time for this when you first awaken. Once you get started with your day, it’s much harder to make that connection.

Pick up your notebook or laptop and reread the question you wrote the night before.  Then spend a moment creating clear intention.  Affirm that you will remain open and receptive to whatever gifts your Divine Nature provides.

Then start writing.  Just write whatever comes to you, even if what’s coming through doesn’t seem to make sense.  Let it flow without questioning or correcting or interrupting the stream.  Notice with interest as the writing evolves from line to line, new streams joining the original flow or branching off in unexpected directions.*

Write until the flow ends.  If you have any questions about what you have received, simply ask them.  Remain open to any clarification that comes to you.

When you’re complete, make sure to express appreciation to your Divine Nature for the gifts of intuition you’ve received.

Then follow through with any suggestions your Divine Nature has given you.  When you put Divine wisdom into practice day by day, you create the life of joy and abundance you so richly deserve!

What if nothing comes?

If nothing comes to you at first, don’t worry.  Just keep writing – even if all you can write is “Nothing is coming to me.  This feels stupid.  I don’t know if this will ever work.”*

Especially at the beginning, communicating with your Divine Nature can be a bit like priming a pump.  You pump the handle and pump it. At first nothing comes.  You may begin to wonder if this pump’s ever going to work at all.  Then a trickle of rusty water dribbles out.  If you keep pumping, before long a steady stream of pure, clear, refreshing water flows abundantly for your enjoyment.

If after two pages you still feel you’re not receiving anything of value, stop.  Don’t force it.  Give yourself two full pages, however, before you do.  If this tool does not work for you in your first attempt, please don’t give up right away.  You may need to pump that handle for several days, before the water of Divine inspiration starts flowing.

If you continue this practice I’m certain that you will begin to notice small nuggets of wisdom, like flakes of gold in a prospector’s pan, grabbing your attention as they sparkle among the words you’ve written.  As you come to trust your Divine Nature more and more, the practice will become easier and more natural until you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

* If you have ever done The Artist’s Way, you will recognize that this technique is quite similar to the marvelous practice of morning pages.


What you can do

Start your own practice of ordering up your daily wisdom!!!!

When you do, I’d love to hear from you about the impact it has on your life.  If you would like to share some of you own Gifts of Intuition, let me know.  I would be glad to include them in this blog.




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