Work With Me Individually!

Working with me one on one, you get the benefit of my focused, undivided attention. My 25 years of experience in facilitating the Personal Totem Pole© Process insures that you gain maximum benefit from our sessions. Together, we’ll

    • Create an open connection with your Divine Nature to illuminate your path of authenticity and joy
    • Find your own answers to help you operate from your Authentic Truth and live in alignment with Universal Law, free from the illusions of limitation we have all grown up with
    • Discover unsuspected strengths and inner resources to accomplish what you could not do before
    • Identify…and release them, freeing you to create the life you want.
    • Clarify the choices you can make to become the conscious creator of your own experience


Schedule a Personal Totem Pole© Session with Qatana

In our 90 minute introductory session we’ll first identify those areas of your life where support and guidance from your Divine Nature will be most valuable. You’ll then discover the wisdom and power within, as you begin connecting with your Divine Nature.

Contact me below to schedule an introductory session


Or Call me at 610-935-9335

I look forward to working together with you, exploring  your Personal Totem Pole and helping you become the conscious creator of your own experience!