Work with Me in a Personal Totem Pole©
Workshop or TeleWorkshop!

Seldom in our modern life do we get the opportunity to connect with others on an authentic and deeply meaningful level. Yet, throughout the ages heart centered connection such as this has nurtured and sustained us. The openhearted sharing in a Personal Totem Pole© Workshop or TeleWorkshop creates this soul level connection.

When you participate in a Personal Totem Pole© Workshop or TeleWorkshop you experience the beauty and power of your Divine Nature while you

    • Enjoy the connection with other likeminded seekers of wisdom that comes through openly sharing what holds heart and meaning.
    • Deepen your work in the support of the circle.
    • Benefit from the wisdom that comes through the work of others.

What you’ll find in a Personal Totem Pole© Workshop or TeleWorkshop

Every Personal Totem Pole© Workshop and TeleWorkshop begins with a brief ceremony to create sacred space.

The Talking Staff ritual that follows gives participants ample opportunity for openhearted sharing. Focusing on the issues that bring you to the workshop creates community as we recognize how alike we all are in our hopes, dreams and fears. What a relief to know that we are not alone!

Then, using Interactive Imagery, participants meet all seven Chakra Guides and discover the wisdom and strength that each offers.  Each person’s Guides come together in Council to create harmony and balance among all.

Once the journey segment of the workshop is complete, participants share their journeys in the circle.  Retelling your journey enhances your experience:

    • The wisdom and insight that come through each person’s sharing benefit everyone in the circle.  Our own truth can be easier to recognize and accept when we hear it through the voice of another.
    • When we tell our journey, we more fully appreciate its beauty and the value of the gifts it offers
    • Others may point out significant aspects of what we’ve shared that we missed on our own.

If the work of any participant feels incomplete, I provide individual guidance to reach resolution. The other members of the circle serve as loving witness, their attention and support creating a container in which the work can deepen.

The Workshop concludes with a ceremony of gratitude and appreciation to close the sacred space.


Personal Totem Pole© Workshops are limited to a
maximum of 12 participants to insure ample time and
personal attention for everyone.


Sitting in the circle and openly sharing and just being present and totally authentic and resonating with other people in this way, I feel like this is a way of traveling to a place that human beings have shared throughout the history of humanity – until recently.

The Guides I encountered told me “Pay attention to us more often and just know that we are here”.  What I took away is that I can go to this place where I can ask questions and get answers. I don’t have to always be getting it from a book or through a coach or through something external.  ~ JV

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Set up a Personal Totem Pole© Workshop in your area

I am happy to bring the Personal Totem Pole© to you.  If you set up a workshop with a minimum of 6 participants, you attend free of charge.  Contact me below for further details.






What’s a TeleWorkshop???

Telecommunication creates the incredible opportunity for people in different parts of the country – indeed the world – to join together in a Personal Totem Pole© Workshop.  A Personal Totem Pole© TeleWorkshop follows the same format as an in-person Workshop.  It just takes place over the phone in the comfort of your home.


A TeleWorkshop is NOT a Teleseminar

    • Teleseminars are all about some expert providing you with information that may or may not be what you need. 

Don’t get me wrong.  There is plenty of valuable information out there.  The problem comes when the expert information doesn’t really fit for you, or you’re not ready for it at this point in your journey.

When you try implementing suggestions that are not right for you, you waste precious time and energy and may end up feeling frustrated and discouraged.

In a TeleWorkshop, your Divine Nature is the expert.  Guidance that comes from within is always perfect for you at this moment in your life.

    • Most teleseminars are lectures.

In teleseminars, information flows from the presenter to the participants. Sometimes there are opportunities for questions.  If there is connection of any kind among participants it is minimal.

One of the great gifts of a TeleWorkshop is the openhearted sharing that unites participants in the circle through meaningful communication.   We rarely have the opportunity to connect so authentically in our modern life.

I felt moved and got something out of every single person’s sharing.  It was great to hear other people’s stories.   It’s great that you can use modern technology to bring people together in a way they have gotten together for thousands of years to talk about the things that really matter.

Doris Gallen

I am in deep gratitude to be aware that here we are in all these different corners of the country, speaking a common language with similar longings.  I just love that.

A Smith

I’m able to connect with people on a deeper level even on the phone like this and talk about meaningful things and have a meaningful experience.   I’m struck by how much intimacy can come from just hearing the voices, just listening. It feels like an adventure to experience each other and myself through the voice.   I’m struck with how seldom it happens in life that we get to sit and really connect on a deep level with other people.  I’m struck with how hungry I am for that and how much energy it gives me.


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Saturday, October 19

9:30 AM to 5 PM

Valley Forge, PA


This workshop will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants
to insure ample time and personal attention for everyone so

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