Solution Oriented Therapy

I am very solution oriented in my approach to helping people transform their lives. My clients learn to focus on what they can do or think differently to make their lives better.

The process is powerful and effective:

  • Envision goals
  • Identify achievable steps for moving toward these goals
  • Practice these steps and notice, acknowledge and appreciate what works
  • Modify the plan based on the experience of practice

Through this process, my clients become empowered to make choices that transform old, maladaptive patterns of thinking or acting into habits that work. My clients come to view the challenges they face as opportunities for learning and growth. As they focus on their successes, my clients become experts in the solutions, not the problems!

Treatment of Panic Attacks

Clients suffering from panic attacks learn a simple effective way to deal with panic symptoms that prevents the development of a full blown panic attack. Addressing both the physical symptoms of panic and the accompanying anxiety producing thoughts, my clients develop confidence in their ability to handle situations they once avoided.

Imagery Work

Within each of us are vast resources for learning and growth. The most powerful, effective and efficient way to access this wisdom is through the use of imagery. In a state of deep relaxation my clients learn to invite their own inner knowing to emerge in the form of images, often of animals. Through dialog with these images my clients:

  • learn truths that can guide them
  • access and develop aspects of themselves they may never have known, thereby coming into greater wholeness
  • identify and resolve blocks to optimal performance
  • can return to past experiences with the potential for deep healing and transformation
  • develop confidence and self-respect through discovering these remarkable inner resources and learning to dependably draw on them in a variety of ways

Imagery work is deeply spiritual and has been my personal path of healing, learning and growth. It is the work that I most love to do.

A particularly fascinating possibility is to connect with animal images in each of the seven energy centers called chakras, a process called Personal Totem Pole TM.

To learn more about this fascinating process click here

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