Menu of Possibilities for Speaking Engagements

Every talk I give, whether a keynote, a presentation, a seminar or a workshop, is custom designed to best serve your needs and the needs of your organization. We work together to create a program that helps you and your people achieve your goals.

My talks are highly interactive and experiential.  People learn best when they actively participate.

The information below is offered as a menu of possibilities.  Any one of the topics could be a full presentation, or they can be combined to create the talk that best serves you and your group.  I am delighted to explore with you alternative topics of interest.

Stress Management – Mind, Body & Spirit

Participants learn principles of stress management and tools they can use to better manage their stress. They will improve their ability to handle life’s stressors using mind, body, and spirit.

Mind – You have no control over most of the sources of stress in your life.  Your thinking is a notable exception.  Your thoughts can make things a whole lot worse – or you can use your thinking to deal more effectively with the challenges you face.  Learn techniques for letting go of worry and upset, so you can better handle the stressors in your life.

Body – Learn about the physiology of stress and the impact of exercise and relaxation on stress. Experience how refreshing a good stretch feels. Learn Progressive Muscle Relaxation, an effective relaxation technique.  Identify how you can fit exercise and relaxation into your day.

Spirit – Learn what meditation is – and what it is not.  Experience how meditation can help you to better manage your stress.  Learn a simple procedure to connect with inner wisdom, the vital source of guidance from within.  This process provides clarity in decision making, guidance you can trust, and fresh perspective so options suddenly become clear that weren’t apparent before.

Conquer Resistance and Achieve Your Goals

Participants learn how to move beyond whatever’s keeping them stuck.  When you learn how to deal with resistance, you’ll enjoy greater effectiveness and achieve your goals.

Clarify – Get clear on your goals, the obstacles that keep you from achieving your goals and the steps you can take to move beyond those obstacles to success. Get to know your strengths so you can use them to move forward.

Envision – Build motivation by envisioning your life with your goal accomplished.  Recognize the many ways achieving your goal will enhance your life. Get to the “Why” that really matters to you. Thoroughly understanding ‘What’s In It for Me?’ will help you bust through your resistance.

Conquer Resistance – Find out what resistance really is, identify your patterns of resistance and learn what you can do to transform your resistance patterns.  Indentify the smallest possible step you can take to get moving and how you can create structure and accountability to insure you follow through.

Anger Management

Participants learn about the physiology of the anger response and variety of techniques they can use to better manage their anger. They will be able to deal more effectively and appropriately when confronted with challenging situations.

Know Anger – Learn just what happens in your body when you get angry and how you can use this knowledge to make better choices.  Create motivation for change by understanding the costs aggressive behavior creates in your professional and personal life. Identify and address what ‘pushes your buttons’ so you become less reactive.

Learn how to manage your anger – Learn what you can do to interrupt the anger response before your actions get you in trouble.  Identify thinking patterns you can develop so you’ll respond more calmly to the situations that upset you.

Develop Your Intuitive Intelligence

What Is Intuition, Anyway? – Learn about the difference between thinking, emotion and intuition and why developing intuitive ability is so essential for success in the 21st century.

How to Develop Your Intuitive Intelligence- Learn ways you can sharpen your intuitive abilities and a simple procedure for accessing intuitive knowing.

For every talk I give I offer you my guarantee.  You and your group must be 100