Tales for our Times-Experience Equals Reality Divided by Expectations

Inner Wisdom expresses itself most eloquently through images.  Through the process of Interactive Imagery you dialog with your Inner Wisdom and discover whatever it is that you need to know.

I am in awe of this process and of the beauty and power of the messages we receive. They often feel to me like modern mythology.

In Tales for Our Times I offer these narratives to you. May you find the wisdom in these Tales both inspiring and beneficial.


Experience Equals Reality Divided by Expectations

I was fretting recently. I’m disappointed about getting less response than I would like to the blog posts and tweets I send out.

Sometimes it feels like I send them out and they end up on the other side of the moons of Jupiter.  If no one reads them, if no one cares, what’s the point?

Whenever I get into a funk like that, I know it’s time to check in with my Inner Wisdom.


When I do, my old friend, the Salmon of Wisdom appears and reminds me of one of my favorite sayings:  Experience equals reality divided by expectations. (I’m going to let you be with that one, rather than explain it to you.  It’s so cool when the meaning jumps out!)

Here’s what Salmon says:

When you become less focused on outcome, and simply enjoy the process, you will free yourself from this suffering. If you get rid of your expectations of people commenting or sharing or re-tweeting, you can just enjoy writing the blogs and sending them out, trusting that sooner or later there will be someone who notices one of those pieces of bread or flies or worms you’ve put on your hook and goes for it. Trust that process.

Salmon helped me to recognize, once again, that anytime I go into a situation with expectations, I set myself up for disappointment.  When I’m open to whatever may happen, it’s much easier to accept whatever is. This attitude leads to contentment and well being, rather than upset and disappointment.  Would you rather be young and rich, or old and poor?


Think about a situation in your life where you let expectations set you up for disappointment.

Now ask yourself, “How would I feel if I just let go of that expectation?”

The more expectations you release, the more you free yourself to enjoy reality just the way it is.

I highly recommend the work of Byron Katie, which is all about ‘Loving What Is’.  She has an extremely helpful process to help you let go of expectations, especially expectations of others in your life.  Check out her book, Loving What Is, to learn more.



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