Tales for Our Times-Get Rid of that Beast!

Your Divine Nature expresses itself most eloquently through images.  Through the process of Interactive Imagery you dialog with your Divine Nature and discover whatever it is that you need to know.

I am in awe of this process and of the beauty and power of the messages my clients receive. They often feel to me like modern mythology.

In Tales for Our Times I offer these narratives to you. May you find the wisdom in these Tales both inspiring and beneficial.


Get Rid of that Beast!

I just got back from three weeks in Morocco – a wonderful vacation.  I did have a major crisis of confidence in Rabat, though.

After two weeks touring with our guide, it was time for us to set off on our own. We arrived at the rental car counter at the Rabat Airport an hour late for our reservation (I’d assumed the counter would be open all day long and there’d be no problem) only to find the agency locked up tight.   They wouldn’t open until the next flight arrived, a wait of two and a half hours.

Sitting there, annoyed about precious vacation hours wasted at the Rabat Airport, aggravated with myself for my incorrect assumption and anxious about what would become of us if no car were available, I fell prey to larger fears.

Suddenly our Moroccan jaunt seemed like a postponement of the day of reckoning, that moment when I’ll find out who – if anyone – is going to sign up for my new programs.  Fear seized me – if my new launches flop, then what?

My Inner Wisdom rushed to the rescue!  I heard the words, “There are no accidents,” and a wave of reassurance washes over me.

I saw that, rather than a waste of time, these two hours at the Rabat Airport offer a perfect opportunity to tackle my fears.  I can connect with my Divine Nature right here in the airport (now that’s an unlikely place if ever there was one!)!


My annoyance at the situation melts into gratitude for this opportunity.  I recognize how perfectly things have worked out.  This time at the Rabat airport is just as valuable as moments spent in the souks of Marrakech or the sand dunes of the desert.

Just this shift in energy, from upset to gratitude, offers a valuable lesson.  A moment ago I seethed with anger and upset about the situation.  Now I’m relaxed, grateful and eager to learn what will unfold.  I see so clearly how my perception of the situation, not the situation itself, determines my experience.

My Divine Nature then shows me how it’s the same with my fears for the future.  When I let my fears take over, I feel anxious.   I feel constricted.  Failure and scarcity become my reality.  I witness how the negative expectations feed on themselves, growing bigger and bigger until an ugly Beast appears.

I recognize this Beast of fear and anxiety as that part that wants to keep me safe.  Sticking with what’s familiar is safe.  The fear and anxiety keep me from moving in new directions which are filled with the danger of the unknown. For me to say safe, though, I also have to stay small and stuck. I’m just not willing to do this anymore.

Recognizing this Beast for what it really is lessens its power over me.  I’m ready to fight my Beast and I know how to do it.

My Divine Nature appears to me in the form of a Golden Light.  I invite my glowing Golden Light to help me. The moment I start drawing on my Golden Light, the Beast begins to fade.

I express my intention: “Beast, be gone!”  Then I invite my Golden Light to fill me and guide me.

As the Light grows, my fears and anxieties disperse, replaced by feelings of confidence and safety.  The Beast disappears into the Light.

No matter how often I veer off course into doubt or fear, my Golden Light is always there to patiently reconnect me with the beauty, wisdom and power of my Divine Nature.  I am reminded to be curious about the outcome of my launch, not fearful.  Even if my launch ends up less successful than I’d hoped, I can learn from the experience and develop new initiatives.

As I continue to focus to my Golden Light it shines stronger and stronger. I’ve been nourishing it simply by believing in it and drawing on it to help me.

Once again, I’m astonished and delighted at how completely my negativity is transformed by connecting with Divine Nature, my feelings of fear and anxiety replaced by a sense of confidence and positive anticipation.


I returned from this inner journey, took out my computer and recorded my experience.  Just as I pressed ‘Control S’ to save what I’d written, the rental car agency opened.  I could feel a wink coming to me from my Golden Light.  Perfect!


What you can do

Develop a relationship with your Divine Nature!!

In a state of deep relaxation, invite your Divine Nature to be present to you.  It may appear as the image of a person, an animal or a thing, such as a Golden Light.  It may appear as a color, or just a subtle awareness of comfort and well-being.

Express your gratitude for its presence.  Share with it anything that may be troubling you and invite Divine perspective to help you.

Be open to any awareness that comes to you.  Share any questions or concerns about what you’ve received. Enter into dialog with your Inner Wisdom.

When the interaction is complete, thank your Divine Nature for whatever you have received.

Then, any time you find yourself in the throes of self-doubt, or worry or negativity of any kind, invite the support of your Divine Nature to help you transform your experience.


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