Tales for Our Times-How Parrot Helped Shannon Deal with a Challenging Boss

Inner Wisdom expresses itself most eloquently through images.  Through the process of Interactive Imagery you dialog with your Inner Wisdom and discover whatever it is that you need to know.

I am in awe of this process and of the beauty and power of the messages my clients receive. They often feel to me like modern mythology.

In Tales for Our Times I offer these narratives to you. May you find the wisdom in these Tales both inspiring and beneficial.


How Parrot Helped Shannon Deal with a Challenging Boss

Shannon loved her job and did well at it until her new boss, Derrick, arrived.  Arrogant and critical, Derrick failed to acknowledge Shannon’s successes and found something wrong with almost everything she did.

Shannon had gotten along well with her previous bosses. Her performance reviews had all been positive.  She knew that the problem lay with Derrick.

Even so, Shannon found herself troubled more and more by the feeling that she must have done something wrong to deserve Derrick’s abuse.  These thoughts led to intense anxiety, especially in his presence. It was becoming more and more difficult for her to do her job.

Shannon came to me to learn to deal better with her boss.  To get rid of her anxiety, we sought help from her Inner Wisdom.


The image of a Parrot appears.  Parrot takes Shannon back to her childhood and the many times her older brothers put her down.    She recognizes immediately how similar her boss’s behavior is to the treatment she suffered throughout her early years.

Like many children who suffer abuse, Shannon blamed herself.  As a child, she believed she must have done something terribly wrong to deserve her brothers’ cruelty.  Derrick’s abusive treatment had reactivated this old pattern of self-blame.

With each scene the Parrot shows her, he explains how her brothers’ behavior reflected their own unhappiness.  Shannon recognizes clearly, as she could not have done at the time, that she never deserved their abuse.

Parrot finishes and then he gathers up all of the scenes and flies to the ocean. He drops all of those old experiences, and the feelings that go with them, into the waves.  As Shannon watches them sink out of sight, she feels lighter than she has in years.


Free from the longstanding pattern of self- blame when mistreated, Shannon responded more calmly and assertively in response to Derrick’s attacks.  While she never felt comfortable with him, she found herself able to tolerate the situation.  As her response to Derrick became less submissive, he became less abusive.

As it turned out, Derrick was ultimately terminated because of morale problems caused by his mistreatment of several employees. Shannon remained at her job and flourished.


If you find yourself responding irrationally to a problem person in your life, it may be a sign that your current situation is triggering painful memories from the past, memories you may not even be aware of.  When you uncover these connections, the original experience becomes available for healing.   Though you can never change your past, you can transform the impact it has on you in the present.

Your Intuition can take you directly to the past experiences that are affecting you in the present.  Once there, the perspective of Inner Wisdom and the unconditional love of your Divine Nature provide the healing that frees you from past negativity.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Give yourself time and space and relax.

2. Focus on the difficult feelings you are experiencing in your current situation.

3. Ask your Intuition to take you back to an earlier time when you experienced similar feelings.

4. Observe the situation.  Then ask your Inner Wisdom

  • What do you want me to see in this experience that I’ve never noticed before?
  • What do you want my younger self in this scene to know?
  • What do the other people in this scene need to know?
  • What needs to happen here for my learning, healing and growth?
  • Any other questions that seem important to you.

5.  Remain very open and receptive to any awareness that comes to you.

Once you uncover the influence your past is having on you, you can empower yourself to transform your experience.
Your Intuition is waiting to help you.

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