Tales for Our Times-How the Little Dog in Her Heart Helped Suzanne Choose the Man for Her

Inner Wisdom expresses itself most eloquently through images.  Through the process of Interactive Imagery you dialog with your Inner Wisdom and discover whatever it is that you need to know.  I am in awe of this process and of the beauty and power of the messages my clients receive. They often feel to me like modern mythology.In Tales for Our Times I offer these narratives to you. May you find the wisdom in these Tales both inspiring and beneficial.


How the Little Dog in Her Heart Helped Suzanne Choose the Man for Her


Suzanne was torn between two men.  She had been involved with John for a year and a half and had planned to spend the rest of her life with him. She had been shocked and devastated when he suddenly broke off the relationship.

Over time, Suzanne recovered from this disappointment. She had been dating Michael for six months when John reappeared.  John told Suzanne that he had come to recognize how much he loved and needed her. He had been pressuring Suzanne to take him back, insisting that he was now ready to make a life-long commitment.

Suzanne was thrown into confusion.  The relationship with Michael was comfortable, but lacked the closeness and passion of her relationship with John.  She cared about Michael and did not want to hurt him the way she had been hurt by John. From the beginning, though, she had missed the intensity she felt with John.

Suzanne couldn’t decide which man to choose, so we turned to her Intuition for guidance.


We ask her Inner Wisdom what it wants her to know to help her with this difficult decision. Suzanne hears the question, “What is in your heart?”

In response to Suzanne’s uncertainty, her Intuition tells her to look into her heart to discover what is there.  In her heart Suzanne sees many precious moments she has enjoyed with both John and Michael.  She is able to recognize her caring for both of these men.  She also sees the image of a little Dog wagging its tail.

When Suzanne asks the Dog which man it likes better, the Dog goes over to John and licks his face.

Suzanne’s Intuition then tells her, “More exploration needs to occur.  You don’t have enough information yet to make a solid choice.”

Suzanne protests, “John’s insisting on an answer soon.  That doesn’t give me much time.”

Her Inner Wisdom replies, “If John can’t respect your need for more time, he’s probably not going to be a very good partner for you.”

Her Inner Wisdom goes on to assure her that she can take all the time she needs.  Suzanne feels supported by this and agrees.


Suzanne felt relieved to be free of the pressure to make an immediate decision just to satisfy John.  She also felt gratified to affirm the gifts that both relationships provided.  Knowing she could count on her Intuition to guide her, Suzanne felt confident that she would ultimately come to a decision she could trust.

In the weeks that followed, Suzanne continued to consult her Inner Wisdom as she explored the pros and cons of both relationships.  The actions of the little Dog in her heart had deeply moved her.  She felt inclined toward John and finally decided to focus on her relationship with him, but not before working through with him the issues left over from their earlier breakup.  She handled the separation with Michael so sensitively that they were able to remain friends.


What difficult decision are you facing?  Here’s how you can use your Intuition to help you make a decision you can trust.

First create time and space to calm your body and mind.  Make sure you won’t be interrupted.

Then ask your Inner Wisdom for help.  Here are some questions you might ask:

  • “What do I need to know about this situation to help me make a good choice?”
  • First describe the options you are considering and then ask, “What would you like me to know about each of these options?
  • “What am I missing here that could help me come to a good decision?”

Then wait patiently for any awareness that comes to you.  Refrain from trying to come up with an answer.  Rather, just be open to any word or phrase or image that comes to you spontaneously.  Enter into a dialog with your Inner Wisdom if you have questions or concerns about anything you receive.

The more you practice these techniques, the easier it will be to find the guidance you need within.

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