Tales for Our Times-What Skeleton Taught Me about Death and Love, Heaven and Hell

Gifts of Intuition are messages from our Divine Nature.  These messages are most eloquently expressed through images.  As we interact with these images, we discover the wisdom our Higher Consciousness.

In Tales for Our Times I offer you narratives drawn from my imagery work and the work of my clients in the hope that you will find the universal wisdom in these Tales both inspiring and beneficial.

What Skeleton Taught Me about Death and Love, Heaven and Hell 

I have been struggling recently with my mother’s decline.  She’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  It’s sad to watch her slipping away.  Seeing this woman who was once so vibrant disappear before my eyes reminds me of how fleeting life is, how little time we have on this Earth.

I checked in with my Inner Wisdom for perspective on these painful realities.  I share what I learned in the hope that you will find it helpful.

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The image of a Skeleton appears to me and says, “This is really about coming into right relationship with death.  Death can feel scary or dreadful, but if you allow yourself to release into it…”

Then Skeleton invites me to waltz.  With this talk about death, the idea of dancing with a skeleton freaks me out!

“Of course you feel that way,” Skeleton says, “but I am inviting you with love.  Death is love.”

I feel completely confused by this.  I’ve heard love compared to death, but can’t imagine how death could be like love.

Skeleton explains, “Life is a wonderful ride with a beginning, a middle, and an end.  On any ride, when you reach your destination, you encounter the adventures that await you. At death, when your life ends, unconditional love is waiting for you!”

I tell Skeleton that I certainly never thought of death in this way.

“Death is being called back to the great Oneness,” Skeleton replies. “You are joining with the Great Spirit. Unconditional love is the essence of the Great Spirit, or the Great Oneness, or God – whatever you choose to call it.  In death you dissolve into unconditional love.”

“Where your culture got it wrong,” Skeleton continues, “is the idea of death as a Judgment Day, when you receive reward or punishment for being good or bad.  Heaven and Hell actually unfold throughout your lifetime here on Earth.  When you treat yourself and others kindly, you create heaven.  When you act in ways that are angry, or cruel to yourself or others, you create the hell you must live in.”

“People have projected their earthly experiences on to the afterlife.  In fact, the judgment that takes place after death is really about taking stock of the experiences of this lifetime and seeing what there is to learn from them.  In the afterlife there is no reward or punishment, just what worked and what didn’t, like at harvest time when you assess what led to a healthy, abundant harvest and what did not.”

“You don’t have to wait for death to do this!” exclaims the Skeleton.  “You can bring this discernment into your life at any moment.  Isn’t it wonderful to not have to wait until after death to get it right!?!?!”

Skeleton takes me in his arms and we start dancing a polka, then a waltz and then a minuet. None of these feels comfortable, though, so we do a slow dance together.  Dancing in Skeleton’s arms, the feeling of love fills me.

Skeleton whispers in my ear, “You know, you are always loved, even when you don’t love yourself…”  As Skeleton says this, he dissolves into a beautiful white light in my arms and I feel the bliss of unconditional love.

What you can do

Remember that you don’t have to wait until after you die to learn how to get it right.  It’s so easy to blame our unhappiness on the people around us or on the circumstances in our lives.  In truth each one of us has much more control over our experience than we allow.

At any moment in your life, you can check in. If what you’re experiencing in the moment feels heavenly, you’re on track.  If you feel like hell, pause and ask yourself, “What could I be thinking differently or doing differently that would create a more heavenly experience?”

If you have trouble coming up with an answer to that question, take time to check in with your inner wisdom.  The fresh perspective you gain can open up new possibilities you never imagined to transform your life for the better.

Be aware of the choices you have. Go with the ones that create heaven right here on earth!

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The more we open to the unconditional love that is always there waiting for us, the more joy and equilibrium we experience in our days here on Earth.

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