The Right Path

Path 189x300 The Right PathIf you are confused about which way to go, if you are drawn in a dozen different directions at once, wait.  Wait for right path to open up before you.

When right path opens up before you, that is a sign that it is time to move forward.

How do you find right path?  Look within.

How do you know right path?  You will recognize it by the solid, confident, joyful feeling that fills you as you move ahead.

2 Responses to The Right Path

  • Powerful post, Qatana. And so true. For more than a year I woke up each day saying, I don’t know what to write. I would ask God every day, and one day it all because clear and now I am completely fueled by my new direction. Waiting is a blessed state. Thank you, dear friend!

  • Yes! In our high speed, quick results world it can be very difficult to be patient and wait.

    Truly, it’s an exercise in being, rather than doing…something our culture does not exactly value.

    Sometimes there’s no alternative.

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