Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is the central reality of Divine Nature.  Our Divine Nature contains within it all the unconditional love we could ever need for us to create a life of joy.  Our conditioning may make it difficult to access, but our ability to experience and to give unconditional love can always be found within, there in our Divine Nature.

In countless ways, both subtle and extreme, we are taught that love depends on our acting or thinking or feeling the way others expect us to.  We learn this and then we behave accordingly, both toward those we love as well as to ourselves.

I love you as long as you make me happy.  As soon as you disappoint me, the dark clouds of my anger and upset block out the healing golden rays of love.

We are only slightly kinder and more accepting towards others than we are to ourselves.  It’s easy to slip into mercilessly beating ourselves up when we’ve made a mistake or failed to live up to our own expectations.

There is no fault or blame here.  It’s part of our human experience.  But you can free yourself from the unhappiness and pain and isolation that conditional love creates.

You do this by consciously re-connecting with the unconditional love of your Divine Nature.  Whenever you get angry or upset with yourself, with those around you or with a situation that you experience as negative, you can offer yourself the relief of unconditional love.

You can do this very simply by taking a deep breath and repeating the words “unconditional love” to yourself until you feel calm and centered once again.  In this way you remind yourself of your connection with the Divine and allow yourself the benefit of peace and forgiveness.

You may come up with a phrase that suits you better, such as “This is not worth getting upset about,” or “I choose to remain calm and loving.”  What you say matters much less than your commitment to remain connected to the unconditional love that is your Divine Nature.  This choice to stay connected with unconditional love is there for you in every moment.

Please note that connecting with unconditional love does not mean that you roll over and accept things that are not acceptable to you.  You can still work to change a situation you’re unhappy with.  You are much more likely to be effective when you approach the situation with focused concern, rather than angry upset or outrage.

You can still notice behavior of your own that doesn’t work for you and gently correct it.  You can still bring whatever is bothering you to the attention of others.  You just do it in a calm, matter of fact and respectful manner, much more likely to create positive results than an angry attack ever could.

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The more we open to the unconditional love that is always there waiting for us, the more joy and equilibrium we experience in our days here on Earth.

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