What Gives You Joy?

The joy I felt in the Inner Wisdom Circle yesterday evening reminded me so powerfully of what it’s all about.  For me it’s about people connected in spirit, openly sharing what’s in their heart, discovering commonality, experiencing beautiful journeys and creating benefit for others through the sharing of their journeys, supporting one another – YES!  This is what I’ve dreamed of.  This is what I love.

Sitting in that Circle, filled with that joy, the doubts and fears fell away.  I knew that for me, having a million followers, or raking in a million dollars, or selling a million books is not what it’s about.

What it’s about is finding what gives you joy and then creating that in your life, finding a way to structure your life around it and then live it.

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Interestingly, this theme emerged in the Circle.  How do you find your life purpose?  How do you identify what makes your soul sing?  How do you keep at it in the face of uncertainty or financial insecurity?

The answers came in facets, gifts from the Inner Wisdom of each person sitting in that circle:

  • You notice and honor what comes naturally to you, where it is you are comfortable and easily excel.
  • You welcome steps as small as reading a book suggested to you by your Inner Wisdom, without a clue of where that book might lead you.
  • You listen to your heart and you follow it, even in the face of financial uncertainty.  (One woman put it so beautifully:  There are many ways to starve.  Some of the artists she knows, though not earning much money, are abundantly nourished at the banquet of their creativity.)
  • You ground yourself in the foundation of what really matters and grow from that, like a deeply rooted tree.
  • You notice when you feel deep joy and satisfaction, where you feel like there’s nowhere else in the world that you would rather be, what it is you’re doing when you say to yourself “This is what really, really matters to me.”  You recognize this as home – or Om – and you go toward that.

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Please be curious about discovering where the joy can be found in your own life.  It may be hidden here and there, in small moments of delight, or calm or pleasure.  You may need to search for it in your past.  You may even need to examine your longings to detect what the joy you yearn for might look like or feel like.

Know that clarifying life purpose is neither quick nor easy.  More it’s an ongoing process, unfolding and opening up as you go along, filled with doubt and uncertainty along the way.


And then there are those moments when you really feel it – as I did last night.  At those moments you know.  For at the heart of life purpose lies whatever it is that gives you joy.

Then you’re ready to face the tough question – how will I shape my life around this?!?

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“The more we open to the unconditional love that is always there waiting for us, the more joy and equilibrium we experience in our days here on Earth.”



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