Who YOU Really Are!

MP9004276831 300x225 Who YOU Really Are!Feeling better by comparing yourself to people who seem less successful than you does as much harm as making yourself feel terrible when you notice someone more successful.  When you base your worth on comparison to others, who you really are doesn’t matter. What matters is your superiority (or inferiority) to others, which is an illusion.

Focus on who you really are – that is, a divine being of light – and you will feel good about yourself independent of comparison with anyone else

2 Responses to Who YOU Really Are!

  • Qatana,
    So true! So important to be reminded of this on a regular basis.
    Appreciating your valuable insight….

  • I recently received guidance from my own Inner Wisdom about this very topic. A sudden shift in outward success caused me to tune in with how I compared with others’ outward success. I found this helpful – at first!- in reorienting myself, like walking into a new room. I needed help turning that off, and happily received it from a “Beggar Woman” guide (Thank you!)
    And Thank You Qatana, for teaching me to access my Inner Wisdom!

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