Personal & Professional Coaching

  • Do you want to make your good life better?
  • Is it time for a career change but you’re unsure which way to go?
  • Would you like to enjoy better balance in your life?
  • Do you need to stop procrastinating and start succeeding?
  • Would you like to develop your intuitive powers to help you achieve your goals?
  • Have you heard about life coaching and now want to find your own life coach?

I can help you

I coach clients to make good lives better, to make successful careers even more satisfying and to truly realize their full potential for well being. I use a powerful and effective solution-oriented method I have developed over thirty years of experience in the behavioral sciences. This process helps

  • Clarify goals and the steps needed to reach those goals
  • Provide clarity in decision makingIdentify and successfully resolve blocks to optimal performance
  • Access undeveloped strengths and capabilities in unusually powerful and effective ways
  • Improve personal and professional relationships

I combine Solution Focused Coaching with Intuition Training – outer work and inner work, left brain and right brain.

When you make use of all of your resources you deal more effectively with the challenges you face.  You become empowered to realize your full potential and live the life you want.  Change achieved in this way creates lasting success and satisfaction.

Solution Focused Coaching

This powerful and effective coaching process enables my clients to achieve new levels of success.  You

  • Clarify your goals
  • Identify achievable steps for moving toward these goals
  • Practice your action steps, noticing, acknowledging and appreciating what works and modifying what doesn’t
  • Uncover and resolve any blocks to progress – internal or external
  • Benefit from the structure, accountability and support that keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Coaching helps you examine your habitual patterns of thinking and behavior. You learn what you can do differently to transform old, maladaptive patterns into habits for success.  Free to rise to new levels, you change your life for the better.

Intuition Training

To really think outside of the box you must leave thinking behind. We all have within resources beyond our intellect and at least as powerful.  Through the process of Interactive Imagery, you learn to access your inborn intuitive capacities and draw on your intuition to

  • Make decisions you can trust
  • Discover unexpected solutions to the challenges you face
  • Better handle challenging personal and professional relationships
  • Access previously undeveloped strengths and inner resources
  • Uncover and resolve blocks to optimal performance.

As you realize the incredible beauty and power of the wisdom within, you develop a deep sense of self-confidence and self-respect easily noticed by those around you.

Catalyst Coaching™

Catalyst Coaching™ combines life coaching with hypnosis, to help you manifest your goals. What makes this different from other life coaching systems is that we engage not just your conscious, but your more powerful subconscious mind as well, through a Hypnotic Booster Session, a unique private guided meditation based on the goals you have set.

Your Hypnotic Booster Session instills these goals directly into your subconscious mind, together with the clarity of purpose, the desire and the determination necessary to make your goals a reality. We record this session so you can listen to it at your convenience for consistent reinforcement, making the hypnotic suggestions ever stronger and more powerful.

You become empowered to exceed your expectations when you engage both your conscious and subconscious minds to achieve your goals.


Qatana’s Interactive Imagery work is nothing short of brilliant!

I had the good fortune to be working with Qatana when I was unexpectedly asked to take over the reins for a high-profile professional development program five days before launch.  The program was a complex, cross-sector initiative involving influential leadership in business, government and non-profit sectors.

My work with Qatana gave me all the insight I needed to step up with confidence and ease. My colleagues were astonished by the grace I displayed under intense pressure. I attribute that grace to Qatana’s skillful ability to bring my own internal resources to the forefront of my awareness.

She has defined a process for accessing inner wisdom that is truly profound.”

W.C. Morris
Minneapolis, MN

“Some years ago I faced a number of growth challenges in my business environment. I thankfully “found” Qatana Samanen. Her perspective, insight and guidance in intuition training were invaluable in assisting me through this period. As I learned how to tap into my intuition, I became immeasurably more successful.

Over the next few years, I continued to work with Qatana and was promoted to Executive Vice President and COO of this newly expanded entity, grew it to $500 MM in annual revenues with 2500 employees and was one of the senior management team responsible for raising $1.3B in investment bonds and notes to fund capital expansion.

I’m sure that I would not have been successful in managing this level of high growth and stress, including the many challenges of working for a highly mercurial entrepreneur CEO, if it had not been for the work I did with Qatana. I highly recommend Qatana to others facing such

Telecommunications Company

“When I first came to Qatana for coaching, I was a successful salesperson with the life-long dream of becoming a writer.  The powerful work I did with Qatana enabled me to overcome the conditioning that had kept me from pursuing the life I longed for.

After only two months of working with Qatana, I applied to a writing program.  I am so proud and excited that out of over five hundred applicants, I was one of only thirty people accepted into the program.  Now I am on my way to creating the life I dreamed of.

I had not anticipated how participation in the writing program would transform my entire life, giving new meaning to everything I do.  I am much happier at work.  I am happier at home, as the love and appreciation I feel for my family has grown in response to their support.  In the past I could have been overwhelmed with so many things to do, but I remain calm by focusing on one thing at a time.  I’m actually more effective and efficient than I’ve been at any time in my life.

Thank you, Qatana.  I have never been so enthusiastic.  The coaching we did together empowered me to go for my dream and that has transformed my life.”

Rosy R.

“I love my job as an IT project manager for a pharmaceutical company and find it intellectually stimulating.  I felt, though, that something was missing.  I’d volunteered on building projects with Habitat for Humanity in my spare time, and found this work deeply meaningful – the jewel in my life.  While I longed to create a larger role in my life for Habitat, I never acted on this desire.

My work with Qatana mobilized me.  Together we set up an action plan and worked at dispelling the blocking beliefs that were holding me back.

I am now the Co-chair of the Restore Committee for the local Habitat for Humanity chapter, a position I find even more meaningful than the on-site work I’ve done for Habitat in the past.  It’s exciting to bring my project management skills to a cause I care deeply about.

What’s wonderful is the energy I get from this work.  I’m thrilled to be contributing to something that makes such a significant difference in the lives of others.  My life has more meaning and I find I’m smiling a lot.

I’m so grateful for the work I did with Qatana which created the breakthroughs that made all of this possible.”

Sharon M.

“Before I met Qatana, I was a stay at home mom with a dream.  As a registered dietician, I wanted to start a business coaching clients to achieve their health goals, but I couldn’t seem to get started.  With three small children, time management was a major challenge.  It’s hard to self-motivate when there is always so much else that needs to be done.  Without accountability, I just found myself not following through on the things I needed to do to get my business off the ground. I was also having difficulty creating a vision for my business.

I knew how important working with a coach can be.  After our first session I felt really glad I’d decided to work with Qatana.  She brought great insight and helped me tune into my inner wisdom.  I immediately felt more relaxed and enjoyed greater clarity.  Most important, I felt confident that I could actually achieve my dream!

In this and the following sessions, we identified clear steps for me to take to get my business up and running.  Knowing that I would be reporting back to my coach really helped me to follow through.

It has been two years since I first saw Qatana. She has inspired me to trust my intuition and create more vision in my life.  My business continues to grow and, as my business grows, I continue to grow.

When you are ready to break out or are making a major career change, it is always good to have a person on your side that will encourage you to keep going.  It’s easy for family and friends as well as your own inner voice to keep throwing negative comments out.  Even if you have an incredibly supportive family or spouse (as I did), Qatana will be an invaluable asset to help you grow personally and professionally.”

Heather Rudalavage
Registered Dietician

The coaching experience I had with Qatana Samanen has had a major positive impact on my professional life. Through our work together I have become a more effective leader.

Now that I’ve learned to delegate I can focus my time and attention on the strategic issues impacting my department. I am much better at managing the stress inherent in my job and find that my decision making has improved. My team is functioning more cooperatively and effectively as a result of these improvements. “

GK, Director
Pharmaceutical Company