Couples & Family Therapy
  • Do you find yourself stuck in destructive relationship patterns?
  • Would improved communication skills enhance your relationship?
  • Is infidelity tearing your marriage apart?
  • Would you like to enjoy a more loving relationship?

I can help you

Using skills and expertise developed over 40 years of couples counseling, I effectively address a wide range of relationship issues. Couples therapy individualized to meet your unique needs can improve communication and transform destructive relationship patterns to bring about lasting change and enhanced relationship satisfaction.  You and your partner can both get more of what you want, need and deserve.

For over 30 years I have specialized in relationship therapy

During my graduate training in the 1970’s, I focused on relationships: marital therapy, family therapy, sex therapy and helping people through the difficult process of separation and divorce.

I have deepened my expertise in relationship therapy through certification in the Imago Therapy© work developed by Harville Hendrix, author of the book, Getting the Love You Want.

I specialize in helping couples through the crisis of infidelity, to create a relationship stronger than before.

Transform Destructive Relationship Patterns

When you’re stuck in destructive relationship patterns it can be hard to find your way out. Couples counseling provides the perspective of an objective third party with years of experience in relationship dynamics. I can help you transform destructive relationship patterns into patterns that work for both of you, so you both get more of what you want, need and deserve.  You really can enjoy your relationship again!

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Communication Training

An essential part of most couples counseling is helping partners improve their communication skills through communication training.

Communication training provides an atmosphere of safety and trust in which past hurts are released, conflicts are resolved and animosity is replaced by understanding and compassion.

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Infidelity – The End of a Relationship or a New Beginning?

The discovery of infidelity in a relationship precipitates a crisis which can lead to the end of the relationship – or a new beginning. It all depends on how the situation is handled.

Working your way through this challenging and difficult process is easier with the help of a guide who knows the territory. I have helped scores of couples emerge from the crisis of infidelity with a strengthened commitment and new faith in their relationship.

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Premarital Counseling

You’re ready to commit to marriage but some aspects of the relationship just don’t feel completely right. Premarital counseling provides the skills and awareness to deal with challenging relationship issues, creating confidence in yourself, your partner and your relationship.

Sex Therapy

I have 30 years of experience treating sexual dysfunction, both male

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction

And female

  • Primary and secondary orgasmic dysfunction.

Through a systematic behavioral program of home practice, my clients learn to overcome the performance anxiety that usually underlies sexual dysfunction and achieve a mutually satisfying sexual relationship.

Family Therapy

I extend the same solution oriented approach I use in couples work to my work with larger family units. Communications training and helping people to identify what they can do differently to make things better for the entire family are important aspects of this work.

I specialize in working with blended families – families that have formed after the divorce of one or both of the marital partners. The special challenges of the step-parent and child relationship provide remarkable opportunities for learning and growth.

Separation and Divorce Counseling

There are situations in which ending a relationship that is satisfying to neither partner is the best outcome. In these instances, counseling can be extremely helpful to one or both of the individuals to support them through the sometimes difficult transition through the break up to life after the relationship.

I help people make sense of what went wrong in their relationship. In this way they can use the break up as an opportunity for learning and growth. My clients develop confidence in their ability to re-partner free of the patterns that undermined their earlier relationship. Many also develop unrealized capabilities once free of the restrictions of their dysfunctional marriage.


“About a year ago my wife and I showed up at your door with our marriage hanging by the proverbial thread.  That evening and for about the next three months you guided us away from the abyss with verbal exercises and remarkable understanding.

A year later…things are very, very good.  I just wanted to say Thank You.”


“You brought us together in a very gentle, non-threatening manner, allowing us to retain our individualism and recognize each others’ gifts to our marriage. We recognize who we are and that we truly do love each other; something we were unable to communicate before our sessions with you.”

-Bob and Marie J.

“My husband and I went through Imago couples therapy with Dr. Samanen. I found her approach to be very holistic, based on self-discovery and mutual respect. The things we learned in the sessions continue to influence our marriage in a positive way.”

-Anna M.

“We both wanted to let you know how grateful we feel to have found you. It is so exciting to see our relationship grow in such an amazing way. We are very excited that we found a therapist who works the way you do. Without your help we would be traveling down the same old road.”

-Kim and Kevin B.