• Would you like to use the power of your deeper mind to manifest your goals?
  • Do you want to free yourself from fear of flying or other phobias?
  • Would you like to develop positive habits of eating and exercise?

I can help you

Hypnosis provides the conscious mind with the opportunity to learn how brilliant the unconscious mind really is.

Hypnosis, also known as hypnotherapy, is a very safe and natural modality in which you access the wisdom and power of your deeper mind to bring about positive change in your life. Hypnosis is the most powerful, effective and efficient tool I know to help you achieve your goals.

Contrary to some common misperceptions, people in a state of hypnosis are completely in control and conscious of what is occurring around them. In the relaxed state of hypnosis you are simply more focused and capable of drawing on your inner strength and awareness to help you achieve your goals.

I use hypnosis or hypnotherapy in a variety of ways.

Quit Smoking and Develop Positive Habits of Self-Care

You can use hypnosis to quit smoking and remain a non-smoker. You can also use hypnotherapy to transform other troublesome habits, such as nail-biting or hair pulling, and to develop habits of healthy eating and regular exercise.

I use a one-session hypnotherapy approach to help clients quit smoking. This type of hypnosis can also be applied to other problem habits such as overeating, nail-biting and hair pulling, although these symptoms may require more than one session.

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Eliminate Fear of Flying and Other Phobias

In a state of hypnosis you eliminate fear of flying or public speaking by learning to associate fearful experiences with a deeply relaxed state. In this way you transform fear of flying, public speaking or other situations into a state of calm, empowering you to comfortably engage in these activities.

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Achieve Optimal Performance

Research has shown that athletes who visualize proficient performance in addition to practicing their skills do better than those who only practice. You can use the process professional athletes use to gain confidence and perform better in whatever challenges you face .

My clients have used hypnosis to:

  • Improve sales performance
  • Develop comfort and ease in running business meetings
  • Skillfully and successfully handle challenging interactions in personal and professional relationships
  • Improve sports performance

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Interactive Imagery

I believe that my most important role as a psychologist and life coach is to help my clients learn to access their inner wisdom to achieve learning, healing and growth. Finding that the solutions come from your own inner knowing helps you develop self esteem and confidence easily perceived by those around you.

Interactive Imagery is the most powerful, effective and efficient way to access this inner wisdom. Interactive  Imagery is a deeply spiritual practice and has been my personal path of healing, learning and growth.

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“I am writing to tell you of the amazing effects your hypnotherapy has had on my fears of flying. As you may remember, I was scheduled to fly to Mexico for a two week professional venture. As thrilling as the opportunity should have been, the anxiety I experienced consumed most of my thoughts and interfered with my daily productivity. Just the thought of entering an airplane cabin made my lungs feel tight and constricted, causing me to draw quicker breaths and feel waves of nausea.

After meeting with you just once I could feel a different sense of empowerment over my fears. I immediately started organizing to-do lists and making arrangements to accommodate for my two week absence from home, steps I had been unable to take earlier due to my preoccupation with fear.

My former anxiety did not come to mind until one of my travel companions inquired about the status of my fears. To my great relief my response was, “Flying is no longer a problem for me!” The feeling of suffocation with images of entering the cabin is now undetectable.  

I cannot thank you enough for leading me through this path to empowerment. It is rare to feel so cleansed of something that was once so intrusive. I hope you are able to reach others with this work and that it raises their quality of life the way it has elevated mine.”

~ Christine H.

“The technique used by Dr. Samanen enabled me to quit smoking after 25 years as a pack a day smoker. Three years later, I remain smoke free.”  

~ Mary M.

“Dr. Samanen was instrumental in introducing me to my power animals. It is from these animals that I have gained valuable insight into the “why’s”, the “where’s: and the “how’s” I’ve come to arrive at this point in my life. The work with the animals has helped to unburden me from past traumas, as well as to open my mind to potential future states. I am infinitely grateful for the wisdom gained through these sessions, and to Dr. Samanen for leading me on the journey.”

~ Dianne T.