Announcing Three Rare Opportunities 

To Discover Your Own Gifts of Intuition!

Boston, September 21-23

FREE Talk: 
Unleash the Power of Your Intuition

Friday, September 21

7-9 PM

In this talk you’ll learn about the power of intuition and how you can dependably use your intuition to


  • Discover unsuspected strengths to accomplish what you could not do before


  • Gain fresh perspective to deal effectively with the challenges in your life


  • Find the unconditional love waiting for you within that can help you transform your relationship with yourself and others.


You’ll experience Interactive Imagery for yourself and discover your own Gifts of Intuition.

The Energy Healing Institute
45 Bromfield Street, Suite #1101
Boston, MA 02108

Personal Totem Pole© Workshop

Saturday, September 22

9 AM – 5 PM


In this workshop you will use the Personal Totem Pole© Process to connect with your Divine Nature. You’ll discover the wisdom and power of all seven of your Chakra Guides, and create the inner balance and harmony that comes when your Guides meet together in Council.

You will also enjoying the benefit of the wisdom that comes through the sharing of other participants in this supportive circle of likeminded wisdom seekers.

To learn more about Personal Totem Pole© Workshops and to sign up for the upcoming Boston Workshop go to



Work One on One with Qatana

Sunday, September 23


There are four slots available to work with me individually.  Working with me one on one, you get the benefit of my focused, undivided attention. My 25 years of experience in facilitating the Personal Totem Pole© Process insures that you gain maximum benefit from your experience.  In our 90 minute session we’ll first identify those areas of your life where support and guidance from your Divine Nature will be most valuable.   You’ll then discover the wisdom and beauty of your Divine Nature through the power of Interactive Imagery.

Email me at or call 610-935-9335 to schedule your session.


All events take place at

The Energy Healing Institute

45 Bromfield Street, Suite #1101

Boston, MA  02108