You Always Have a Choice

Recently I’ve been feeling the pressure of having too many projects and not enough time.  The deadlines I create for myself – coupled with my virtual assistant’s vacation plans – ratchet up the stress and anxiety.  Sometimes it’s hard to just take a deep breath, and calm myself by focusing on the beauty that’s around me.

A recent experience served as a metaphor for this whole pressured way of being.  My Divine Nature pointed out the learning for me.  I’m sharing it with you in the hope that you’ll find it helpful.


Last Saturday I was eager to attend an open house held by a friend of mine to celebrate the opening of her new healing center.  I also wanted to learn how to find the place for future reference, since it’s located in a town far enough from where I live that I didn’t really know how to get there.

I don’t have GPS.  I mapquested the directions and wrote them on a yellow sticky note like I always do, left my house in plenty of time and then got hopelessly lost.

I pulled over to the side of the road to call my friend and get directions – she didn’t answer.  I looked for the map of the area that’s always in my car – it was nowhere to be found.  As I drove off, the yellow sticky note with the directions written on it flew out the open window!  My tension mounted!!

Last Saturday was a beautiful day here in southeastern Pennsylvania.  I was driving through the lovely countryside of rural Chester County.  I knew there was much to savor, but I was so wrapped up in being lost and being late that I had trouble experiencing any enjoyment at all.

After a few additional wrong turns and thanks to the help of several strangers, I finally arrived at my destination – five minutes before the open house was scheduled to end.  I rushed in filled with agitation.  What a relief to discover that people were still there!

Then I saw that everyone was gathered around a woman who was about to start channeling.   I took a seat. Before long, I received a beautiful and very helpful message from her.  All was well.


This morning, during my daily check in with my Inner Wisdom, my Divine Nature reminds me that I arrived at that open house at the perfect moment.  The gift I received through the channeled message gave me more I ever anticipated I would find there.  I am shown that things really did turn out better than OK.

I am shown how I created unnecessary unhappiness for myself by focusing on the pressure rather than the beauty around me.  I am reminded that I always have a choice.

At any moment when I’m feeling stressed or unhappy, I can always ask myself, “Is this how I want to be in this moment?”  If the answer if ‘yes’ I’m on track.  If the answer is ‘no’, I always, always have the opportunity to change it.


What you can do

1.  Whenever you feel pressure or anxiety or stress, pause and take a deep breath.   Ask yourself, “Is this how I want to be in this moment?”  If the answer is ‘no,’ recognize that you have a choice.  No matter how challenging the reality you are confronting, how you react to that reality will create your experience.

2.  Take another deep breath or two. Notice where the pressure you’re experiencing is created by you.  Challenge whatever thoughts and beliefs are creating that pressure.  Lighten up on yourself.

3.  Take a few more deep breaths.  Check in with your Divine Nature to get perspective on how you can handle whatever challenge you are facing more easily.


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