You Don’t Have to Be Special – What a Relief!!

There are many ways to be special.  We can be smarter than anyone else, or stronger or more beautiful.  I saw a TV show the other night that featured a man named Bob who could eat a Philly cheese steak faster than anyone in history.  You should have seen him shove that thing down!  You could tell just by looking at Bob how proud he was of his achievement.

Being special seems like it should be great, but the truth is that it creates serious problems.  Special is always in comparison with those around us.  If we are smarter or stronger, there are others not so smart or not so strong.  If we’re more beautiful, then there are many plain, even homely people who are less attractive.  If we’re able to eat a Philly cheese steak in record time, there are countless others who are slower than we are.

Once we get to thinking that we’re more special than other people, it’s easy to imagine that they envy us – our beauty, our smarts, our strength – anything that sets us apart – and above – them.  This creates alienation.

Being special also creates fear.  Sooner or later, someone else will come along who is smarter, or stronger, or more beautiful.  It’s inevitable.  Someday someone is going to eat a cheese steak faster than Bob (though I can’t imagine anyone wanting to!).  Then he won’t be so special any more.  What then…?

Most important, the need to be special comes from and reinforces the deeply held belief that unless there’s something that sets us apart from – and above – others, we’re not good enough.  If there’s only so much love or happiness to go around, then if we’re special, the hope is that we’ll get a bigger share of the good stuff.  If not, well….

Here’s the wonderful news.  There is infinite love to go around.  Happiness is available to you at any moment.  You don’t need to be special to get what you want and need.

The unconditional love of the Divine is all around you, and it is within you.  You can experience the bliss that comes from receiving this love any time. All you need to do is open up to it.

Divine love is endless and boundless.  There is more than enough to go around.  It’s there for you no matter how dumb or foolish you may think you are.  There’s plenty for you regardless of whether or not you think you’ve failed.  Divine love does not care one bit about how ugly or flawed, or fat or thin you might be. It doesn’t even care how fast you can eat a Philly cheese steak!

Divine love is and it is there for you.  You don’t need to be special to receive it.  Let go of special.  What a relief!!

Feel the love and the bliss that comes as you let go of needing to be special and open to receive Divine love.

What you can do

Develop a regular practice of connecting with the Divine – the Divine that is your own Divine nature and the Divine that is all around you. Let yourself experience the calm and the bliss of knowing you are loved just the way you are – no need to be special.

Set aside time to sit quietly.  Breathe deeply. As you breathe in simply imagine yourself opening to Divine love.  Welcome this love and allow it to fill your heart.

You may imagine it as the infinite love of God.  You may feel it as oneness with all that is.  However you think of it, let it fill you and notice how you feel.

As you breathe out, imagine yourself releasing any feelings of self-doubt, self-blame or self-hatred.  Just let them go.  Let the light of Divine love fill all those places where negative feelings have been hiding out.  Notice how you feel.

Practice this first thing in the morning, or last thing at night before you go to sleep – or both.  Practice during your commute to and from work – especially if you’re caught in a traffic jam.  Notice how your feelings of love deepen as you make this a regular practice.  I have.  What a relief!

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“The more we open to the unconditional love that is always there waiting for us, the more joy and equilibrium we experience in our days here on Earth.”


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